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New Advanced Génifique

Discover the new Advanced Génifique formula - now upgraded with microbiome science for faster active recovery. Within just 7 days, your skin will look youthfully radiant and visibly younger.

Happening In Store

Visit Lanc?me's Experiential Hub for an exciting immersive experience - only at T Galleria Beauty by DFS, Hysan Place.

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New York City dfsLancomebeautybmpvideoposter2x.jpg
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A symbol of quintessential French elegance and femininity, Lanc?me was created by Armand Petitjean in 1935 with the unique, universal desire of revealing the beauty and radiance of each and every woman. A subtle blend of refined luxury and desirable modernity, Lanc?me offers exceptional make-up, legendary fragrances and the most innovative skincare, upholding its image as an eternally feminine brand for the world’s most inspired and inspiring women.

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